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[Educational Counseling]
♢Strength: Fluency (Speaking), Social Skills (Listening)
♢Areas to work on: Vocabulary (Speaking)
♢Level (Learning): 28
♢Level (Acquisition): 29
♢Message: Thanks again for all of your hard work every class wanichan! I always look forward to talking with you because we always discuss very interesting and thought-provoking topics. As I’ve said before, your English ability is great. You are able to express yourself very naturally and use higher-level grammar smoothly. Recently you’ve been taking the free Viewpoint classes, which I think is a great review. Some of the grammar in that textbook can be difficult to remember and use smoothly. As far as further improving your English ability, I think we should focus again on vocabulary. I noticed that sometimes in class, you struggle to remember the word you want to say. Of course, those words are often complicated or specific to certain topics, so they can be hard to remember. The book we are using currently in class is a great source of vocabulary, expressions, and idioms. I’d recommend using that and highlighting anything that looks interesting or that you’ve never heard before. The. You can refer back to them occasionally to properly internalize them. I’m looking forward to our next class wanichan!




[Progress Report]
♢Strength: Fluency (Speaking), Social Skills (Listening)
♢Areas to work on: Vocabulary (Speaking)
♢Level (Learning): 28
♢Level (Acquisition): 29
♢Recommended Courses: Private Lesson (Free Conversation) or Aspire or Learning and Acquisition Light 3
♢Supplemental Course Recommendation: Free Writing Topic Talk (x6 Supplemental Private Lessons)
♢Message: Thanks again for all of your hard work every class wanichan! Last time, we talked about improving your vocabulary through natural English materials, like books or news articles. I hope you’ve been able to get some new vocabulary from the Tavistock Institute book we’re reading now, or other materials you might be reading. I know the vocabulary in the Tavistock Institute can be difficult, so I encourage you to ask me about anything you have trouble understanding. You could also try reading something a bit easier as well.
We also need to talk about your next contract. I think private lessons continue to be the best option for you because of the types of topics you want to discuss. Like I mentioned above, if the Tavistock Institute is taking too much time for you to prepare for, we could try a different book or material as well. On the off chance you want to do something different, you could also join one of our regular Aspire or Learning and Acquisition Light 3 classes. I’m really looking forward to our next class wanichan!

やっぱり「もうこの本やめて次行こう」っていうニュアンスがにじみ出てますね。もっと実用的で、普段でもよく使うフレーズとかがふんだんに入ってる洋書ってなんやろ? と自分のKindleのライブラリを確認。ハリポタとかナルニア物語あったりするけど、やっぱそれら以外がいいっかなーと。







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システム管理費 (1,650円×12ヶ月) 198,000
消費税 (10%) 37,800
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